As a business owner at times it feels like there are so many insurance policies that you need or that are recommended to you that you could end up working just to pay for your Insurance Bill!

Directors and Officers Insurance, Management Liability or Statutory Liability Insurance can seem to be one of those ‘upsell’ Policies but what does it really cover?


Management Liability provides protection against the financial exposures that come with running a company.  This can include Defence Costs and amounts to settle or pay compensation for successful claims.


Management Liability is important for ALL Businesses no matter how big or small to help protect you and your business and give you the confidence to be in business and make decisions that you need.


So what types of incidents/claims does Management Liability Cover – it covers the costs associated with Investigating, defending and settling claims made by a Third Party form such claims as Alleged unfair dismissal Claims, Fraud by Directors or Employees, OHS Breaches, and much more.


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