Short of a trip to VCAT to allow them to refuse a request, Victorian landlords will soon be unable to say no to Tennant’s having pets in rented properties.

In late 2018 the Victorian Parliament passed the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill 2018, which included more than 130 reforms.  One of the major reforms is in relation to tenants and their right to have pets in rented properties

Most standard landlord insurance policies exclude cover for damage caused by Tennant’s pet’s, however Simplex Insurance Solutions has successfully negotiated a further inclusion to their already superior AD Landlord Insurance Offering and property owners can now have some cover in place for any damage caused to their property as a result of a tenants pet.

For all new landlord policies or existing landlord policies coming up for renewal, Simplex Insurance Solutions is now able to arrange for the policy to include Loss or Damage caused by a domestic pet provided the pet is owned by the tenant; and A bond has been collected from the tenant and applied to any pet damage costs prior to making a claim.

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