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​Simplex Insurance Solutions are specialists in providing
insurance for people travelling.

We have all heard countless horror stories of travellers who head away for the trip of a lifetime only to find themselves suddenly stranded due to a change in circumstances beyond their control and no way of getting home. Or worse still, they suffer an injury, find themselves hospitalised and are then facing HUGE payments.

Many people think that they will be fine and don’t need travel insurance or that the travel insurance afforded to them via their credit card or the add on when they booked their online flights will suffice.

Essentially, the reality is this, if you can’t afford to take out a good travel insurance policy the minute you have confirmed your booking, you probably shouldn’t be travelling at all.

But what if you travel frequently? Either for leisure or for work – did you know you can also take out annual policies or perhaps consider a corporate travel policy that covers not only yourself and your family, but could also be extended to cover your staff and their families?

Our Services Include

  • Insurance Policy Advice
  • Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Loss or theft of luggage

Expert advice at the right price!

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