Jessica Cudia – DipInsBroking, Senior Account Manager – Simplex Insurance Solutions

With cost-of-living pressures becoming a reality for every one of us, why should you consider investing those extra few dollars in an insurance broker rather than going through a direct insurer?

Here are FIVE reasons why you are better of investing your money in engaging the services of a fully qualified, licensed Insurance Broker.

1. We are on your side

As an insurance broker we are here to service your needs and assist you where and when we can. If you have your insurance through a direct insurer and have a claim, chances are it is going to be you vs the insurer… and they want to save money as well! An insurance broker can assist you in lodging your claim, finding trades and replacement/repair quotes, understand the insurance jargon and most importantly bite back at the insurer if they try to make an unfair decision that you do not agree with.

2. Access to insurers

Insurance brokers generally have quite a large network of insurers who they work with daily and develop strong relationships with. This can mean insurance brokers have negotiating options with insurers to assist in placing harder to place risks for example flood zoned homes and drivers with histories or even to negotiate premium relief or better terms for their clients.

3. Industry / Knowledge

Have you heard about the incident recently where a family had their claim declined because they did not let their insurer know they were selling eggs from their front gate? An insurance broker stays very up to date with the latest trends, traps, and pitfalls of the insurers. This means an insurance broker is going to be able to advise you on things you may not have even thought of or that you did not think would be relevant. Insurance brokers must continuously develop their knowledge and training to ensure they are aware of what is going on within the industry to best assist our clients and ensure they are protected adequately.

4. Review, compare, save

An insurance broker works day in and day out to ensure their clients are receiving the most competitive and comprehensive insurance. Rather than having a policy that is automatically renewed each year, an insurance broker ensures that your cover suits your needs as they change year to year. This includes but is not limited to attending your property or workplace to see if there are risks you may not have covered, give advice on risk management you could look to incorporate to keep insurance premiums down and even assist in engaging third parties to assist in risk management.

5. Personalised service

When you place your insurance through an insurance broker you are ensuring your policies are looked after by the same team. This means each and every time your renewal comes around, you have a claim, you are looking for quotes or you have any insurance related questions, you will speak with the same people who will know and understand your needs each and every time you speak with them.   

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